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Top iPhone 14 Pro & Pro Max Tips, Tricks and Hidden Features!

iPhone 14 Pro and pro-Max are here with some of the biggest updates so let’s go through some tips and tricks that’ll absolutely blow your mind starting with:

Dynamic Island

This is the new Dynamic Island it works straight out of the box and is so cool there is so much you can do with it like answering phone calls for example if you tap on it it’ll open the app to full screen or if you tap and hold you’ll just get some quick settings and this applies for most apps that work with Dynamic island, of course, it also works with apple music as well as Spotify once again if you tap and hold you can scrub the song skip, forward or pause and play it.

Dynamic Island also has this cool little hidden feature where if you head into the main settings and then General right at the bottom you’ll see this option that says pixel Pals if you turn this on when scrolling through Reddit you’ll get this tiny little pixel pit that walks along the dynamic Island it’s so cool so definitely check out the app store for more apps and also hidden settings in the apps you already have and if you’re an Android user and want this feature believe it or not there is an app called Dynamic spot that you can download and works almost exactly the same.

Always On Display

Always On Display is finally here and it actually works a lot better than most other phones it displays your wallpaper slightly muted and even shows live activities but if you’re not a fan of the always-on you can actually turn it off so all you do is head into your settings then scroll down to display and brightness and in here you will see always on just toggle that off and you’re pretty much good to go.

Another awesome and really hidden feature is if you go into your do not disturb Focus mode under options you can actually toggle on the dim lock screen so now what happens when you put on the do not disturb Focus mode instead of having this standard always on display it’ll dim the wallpaper and just keep your widgets and time there then because of promotion your phone can go from 120 hertz when playing games all the way down to one Hertz and save on battery.

2000 knit Display

The iPhone 14 pro and pro-Max come with the brightest screens in the world right now they have a 2000 knit display so seeing your phone in full-blown sunlight is kind of a piece of cake that’s insane for a phone.

Action Mode

So this new action mode is insane if you go into the camera app and slide on over to video you will now see this little action mode icon in action mode you can also choose or change your resolution whether you want HD or 2.8k and you can also change the frame rate then basically just prepare for your mind to be absolutely blown because whether you run skip or jump with your phone as you can see it stabilizes the footage.

48 Megapixel Cameras

The iPhone 14 pro and pro-Max come with this insane main camera that is four times larger than previous iPhones I mean this camera is legit but straight off the box if you take a picture you’ll actually see that it’s only 12 megapixels so here’s the trick if you go into settings under camera right at the top you’ll see formats once in here you can toggle on Apple Pro raw and now all you got to do is toggle on Raw to take advantage of that full 48-megapixel camera.

iPhone 14 Pro

Tap and Hold to Crop

Tap and Hold on any subject and then like magic it’ll crop your picture where you can actually save that image as a PNG the BAM but without absolutely any Photoshop skills at all you can automatically crop out any object from just about any picture and it is insanely accurate almost every single time wow like there are so many different use cases for this but my absolute fave has got to be that you can make WhatsApp stickers in seconds using apps like sticker maker.

Satellite SOSĀ 

The new iPhone 14 has this crazy cool feature called Satellite SOS for now this feature is only available in US and Canada but basically if you ever find yourself in a sticky situation and you don’t have any cell service or Wi-Fi connection you can send an SMS via satellite so your iPhone points you in the right direction to the closest satellite so that you can send short messages to Emergency Services.


Lockdown Mode

Another very unique feature that makes this one of the safest phones out there is found under privacy and security if you scroll all the way down to the bottom you’ll see this new Option called lockdown mode so if you turn this mode on your iPhone will basically block a whole bunch of different connections to your phone it is only recommended to turn on this mode if you think you’re busy being hacked or having some kind of Cyber attack hopefully none of us ever need to use this.

Car Crash Detection

Another amazing feature that the iPhone 14s comes with is car crash detection basically what it does is if you’re in a crash your iPhone will detect that and if you don’t respond to an alarm it’ll send Emergency Services your exact location so again hopefully none of us ever need to use that.

Wi-Fi Password Sharing

If you head into your Wi-Fi settings and select the Wi-Fi network you’re on then just tap on the password it’ll actually display it and then you can go ahead and copy and share it with your friends or other devices.

Unit Converter

If anyone ever sends you units of measurement like weight or temperature or even currency you can just tap on it and it’ll automatically convert it for you based on your region and location.

Startup SoundĀ 

So in accessibility under audio and visual you can toggle on power on and off sounds and so now when you go to turn your phone off it’ll vibrate and play the sound when you turn it on it’ll play the sound so that is the iPhone 14 pro and pro-Max tips for you.


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