Motorola Edge 30 Neo – Full Phone Review Part 2

This is the continuation of Motorola Edge 30 Neo Part 1

Finally, we have the cameras on the back of the Edge 30 Neo is a dual camera setup consisting of a 64-megapixel main cam with ois and a 13-megapixel Ultra wide cam which has autofocus during the day the main camera delivers consistently good photos with great sharpness and plenty of fine detail colors and dynamic range is pretty good while the photos remain nice and contrasty.

Portrait shots are pretty nice if you have enough light there’s plenty of detail and sharpness and the colors look good the edge detection does a decent job too at 13 megapixels the ultra-wide cam has an advantage resolution-wise over most competitors there’s a very good level of detail good contrast and color saturation and above average sharpness except for the corners where we can even see lots of purple fringing.

The dynamic range is a bit more limited than the main camera and you often end up with dark shadows too since the ultrawide has autofocus you can make close-up macro shots these aren’t amazing but they’re much better than what you get from a dedicated 2-megapixel macro cam in low light conditions the main camera’s night-time performance is quite decent the photos come out well exposed and with good color saturation thanks to HDR highlights are well preserved too zooming in however reveals that there’s not much fine detail and shadows are often quite dark with night mode turned on the results are a mixed bag.


No night mode available for the ultra-wide cam either selfies from the 32-megapixel front-facing cam come out at 8 megapixels and they’re colorful with decent sharpness and dynamic range there’s not a ton of fine detail though the Edge 30 Neo’s chipset doesn’t have the capability for 4K video recording so videos from the main cam are limited to 1080p the videos are colorful and contrasty but dynamic range is not the best with some clipped shadows and highlights the ultra-wide camera also does 1080p videos and produces about the same level of video quality with nice and punchy colors and a decent level of sharpness the contrast is even higher here which hurts the dynamic range a bit more.

Motorola Edge 30 Neo

The Moto Edge 30 Neo’s light and compact form factor and attractive design are what sets this phone apart as well as the bright OLED display and super fast charging stereo speakers and decent battery life round off a pretty nice compact smartphone where it falls behind competitors in its price range though is with its chipset and that directly affects the camera performance both with the night mode processing speed and the lack of 4K video still even with that considered the Edge 30 Neo is a value-packed mid-ranger that’s worth recommending if you’re looking for a compact phone.

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