Motorola Edge 30 – Full Phone Review

This is the Moto Edge 30 Neo out of the new Moto Edge 30 series this is the most affordable and compact, Moto  Edge 30 Neo isn’t a high-end phone like its siblings but even so, there are some nice features such as a compact design, super-fast charging and a bright 120hz OLED screen.


Weighing just 155 grams the phone is super lightweight and easy to handle and the design here is pretty interesting despite being made of plastic you get a dual-tone Accent on the camera bump and a nice frosted coating on the back panel that lends some extra grip to the finish here is a unique purple Hue called very Perry it’s Pantone’s 2022 color of the year you even get a little plaque on the back just in case you forget Motorola and Pantone have a new partnership so we should see some interesting colors on future Moto phones.


Another cool feature of the Edge 30 Neo is an LED ring around the camera Island it acts as a notification light and charging indicator the phone also has ingress protection against dust and light splashes on the front of the edge 30 Neo is a 6.28-inch Piola display with a 1080p resolution and a 120-hertz refresh rate the fast refresh rate which helps the UI feel quite Snappy and smooth when swiping around and you can have it fixed at 120 hertz or adaptive where it will dial down to save energy when you stop interacting with it.

Motorola Edge 30 BackMotorola Edge 30 main

We were impressed with the max brightness of the display it’s Flagship grade we achieved a maximum of 490 nits with the manual slider and this can boost to a thousand nits in auto mode when it’s a bright sunny day the panel is contrasty and sharp and the color accuracy is also great here what’s missing is HDR support but still, the Edge 30 Neo has a pretty nice display for the price and under the display, it has the fingerprint reader for Biometrics it’s fast and responsive.


The Edge 30 Neo has a pair of stereo speakers one at the bottom and the other that doubles as the earpiece they are quite balanced and have good overall loudness the quality is decent too with pretty clean vocals and some bass you get the choice of 128 or 256 gigs of storage on the Moto Edge 30 Neo but that’s not expandable through MicroSD and the interface of the phone is the same as what you’d find on other recent Moto phones.


A clean and very stock-feeling Android 12 UI with just a few Moto features sprinkled in the Moto features are organized conveniently into the Moto app these include personalizations through which you customize the appearance of the UI there are quite a few custom gestures and shortcuts you can use if you want to the peak display is something like an always-on display showing you time and notifications but it only lights up when you tap or lift the phone there’s support for Moto’s ready for too a feature that allows you to connect the phone to other devices like a TV or Monitor and even a mouse and keyboard.

One of the major differences you’ll find on the Neo model compared to the higher-end ones is the chipset here you get a Snapdragon 695 5G which is far from flagship grade and actually most competitors even at this price point are able to earn higher benchmark scores still while the chipset performance is underwhelming in comparison it’s solid enough for a mid-ranger and you get 5G connectivity.

Motorola Edge 30 Battery

With a 4000mAH battery, battery life here is actually pretty good considering the compact size The Edge 30 Neo was able to earn an endurance rating of 104 hours in our proprietary tests what’s more impressive though is the charging speed with the bundled 68-watt fast charger the Edge 30 Neo was able to charge from 0 to 92 percent in half an hour and you also get support for wireless charging on board.

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