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Chakwera for a unified nation

Yesterday the Government of Malawi was holding a National Worship Service to commemorate Malawi’s 58th Independence Anniversary.

The commemoration is a call to action for Malawian to ‘Rise for a Resilient and Prosperous Malawi’. As a nation, we need to take this opportunity to reflect, re-commit ourselves and work together towards building an Inclusively Wealthy and Self-Reliant Nation.

Going forward, Government re-affirms its commitment to take action and implement solutions which tackle the current challenges that Malawians are facing and ensure sustainable development.

“Malawi it is your time to rise and shine for the glory of the Lord is upon you.” President Lazarus Clause Chakwera at the National Worship Service.

A New Malawi is RISING! Follow the link below to get your copy of the special edition of the This Is Malawi and Boma Lathu.

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